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Our next goal is to see if we can get the spermatogonial stem cells to progress to mature sperm. Meanwhile, for those who are only interested in having a child, regardless of the gender, some experts have stressed the need for such couples to have sex three times a week, so that at some point, the sperm would be in the vagina either a day before ovulation or on that day. In laboratory tests, they persuaded the stem cells to develop. The authors say they have not yet determined whether their cells can do this, but this is essential if they are to justify their claims. American Urological Association http:

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Notably, they are that many because of the stiff competition as to which among them would fertilise the egg.

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Best time to have sex if you want a male or female child

Aside from the quality of sperm produced, the length of time it took to ejaculate was also recorded. By Roger Highfield, Science Editor. More from the web. But infertile men shouldn't get excited. In most men, spermatogonial cells eventually develop into mature sperm but this progression was not achieved in this experiment, said Prof Nayernia.

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